Sourcing and Social Media Strategist

Social Media

    • Accomplished sourcing and recruiting in a broad range of business environments that include Sales, Engineering, Technology, Financial, Logistics, Manufacturing and Distribution.
    • Created, maintained and managed LinkedIn Groups with Anixter Aerospace Hardware in 2008: Fasteners Industry, Aerospace Hardware, Anixter, iLogistics and iSell., along with subgroups. These groups have a combined membership of over 10,000 members; actively recruited industry membership base.
    • Created, maintained and managed Twitter accounts to promote careers, sales and marketing initiatives. @Fasteners, @Aero_Fastener, @AnixterAero,(now @AlignAero), @GreenFasteners, @AnixerFast, @AnixterGreen @Anixter and @AnixterCareers, .
    • In conjunction with Anixter Marketing group created, maintained and managed Anixter and Anixter Aerospace Hardware Facebook pages.
    • Worked directly with legal department on creating social media policy. Wrote social media guidelines and policy for Human Resources department.
    • Created and presented social media strategy presentation and “how to’s” for outside sales force.
    • Focused on supporting projects and initiatives that promote both recruiting and business objectives.
    • Responsible for providing support on global employer branding initiatives.
    • Create the optimal candidate experience by identifying the key decision levers, developing a sell strategy and creating candidate experiences and offers that successfully close the hire.
    • Sourcing via Social Networking sites: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo, Ushi, YouTube, WordPress, foursquare, Tumblr and Pinterest.
    • Guest blogger on Fastener Talk & Fully Threaded Radio – discussion about use of social media in the fastener industry.
    • Development and distributed monthly company newsletter. Include social media sites and industry news to increase communication, share opinions, perspective and employment referrals.
    • Used social media sites to create employee engagement; collaboration, productivity, feedback and participation.
    • Reduced turnover by 58% by putting in hiring practices/intake form and on boarding process.
    • Increased networking outreach from zero hiring manager participants to over 70%. Branding became not just a marketing or recruiter responsibility but became part of culture.
    • Created outreach to candidates on large scale via CRM and LinkedIn to directly source candidates from competitors.  Received 65% response rate from potential candidates and also produced referrals.  Out of the outreach hiring time reduced from 65 days to 29 days.  Pipeline candidates increased by 90%.
    • Created a method of direct contact.  I would request candidates call me, email and even text.  This gave candidates direct access to me at any time all the time.
    • There are three very important components of strategic sourcing; spend analysis, market research and supplier evaluation/selection & relationship management. There are several steps to each component.
    • A Sourcing strategy is a long-term plan of how to establish and uphold the continuous flow of the targeted talent to the company’s recruitment process and how I will edge out the competition looking for the same talent.