My Talent Acquisition Strategy

8990■Take a long-term view of not only filling positions now open, but using the candidates that come out of a recruiting campaign as a way to fill similar positions in the future.

■Identify future openings by looking at the succession management plan, or by analyzing the history of attrition for certain positions. Ex: typically turnover is high in October for hourly positions and by gathering he data I can predict that specific opening will occur at in pre-determined month and begin the recruiting campaign.

■Every day is an interview. I recruit for positions that do not even exist but that are expected to become available in the future.

■Long-term strategic approach to talent acquisition has a profound impact on how I approach candidates. If the approach is purely tactical in nature, all we ask of the prospective candidate is “are you qualified and interested?” If the approach is strategic, the intent of the contact with candidate becomes more relationship building. Ex: Ask candidate what their ideal job is? Collecting data on high-potential candidates and then keeping in touch with them until hire is made.

■Building a talent strategy is necessary instead of just paying to fill positions for today.